Sharon delivers compelling creative through the eyes of the perfect audience. She is a dream and has retained the wonder of a great storyteller. As a collaborator, she provides thoughtful, unique and compelling ideas that always benefit the process. She has a masterful grasp of culture and is a joy to develop with.
— Michael Roddy | Creative Director, Walt Disney Entertainment
“Where to start with Sharon — she is so talented and so much fun to work with. I’ve been a CD for almost 30 years, over half in digital, I know how hard it is to find quality people. What sets Sharon apart is she is both immensely creative and strategic. Even when we were just riffing on ideas and trying to think up something original, she’s always cognizant of the business requirements and keeps the ideas grounded. She’s always pushing to do better.”
— Tony Hyun | Senior Creative Director, Sears
Sharon is a truly passionate team player who is humble to a fault — inspiring and passionate to an asset. We’ve worked on very complex projects with multi-disciplinary teams and she showed up consistently prepared to succeed and support.
— Michael Simborg | Principal Experience Designer, FTD Companies
One of her best talents is that she can craft a story that is clear, charming, comedic and/or full of compassion. Sharon is the definition of a creative problem solver. Bright, articulate, driven and always focused on the end goal and overall strategy, she is a fantastic creative and even better teammate.
— Victor Pinto | Digital Marketing Director, Integrated Merchandising Solutions
Talent in so many forms. I had the good fortune to work with her at Leap Frog and see the diversity of her writing and musical ability. Beyond that, Sharon’s sensitivity and intelligence contributed to the design of many products and the harmony of many meetings.
— Mary Schenck-Ross | Digital Learning Strategy & Design, Rackspace